Some files are corrected from the original files that are included in the game. Some have been slightly modified for other uses.

These files are free and are not for sharing on other websites unless without the express written & verbal permission of Warren Kris Woodhouse Corporation.

To share on other websites, please contact me by CLICKING HERE

EA Approved Licensed Objects For The Sims Triple Deluxe Edition

  • Amp (download file)
  • Bar (download file)
  • Bar Stool (download file)
  • Beer (download file)
  • Bills (download file)
  • Black Limo (download file)
  • Cash Register (download file)
  • Ceiling Lamp (download file)
  • Chainsaw (download file)
  • Christmas Present (download file)
  • Clothing Booth (download file)
  • Corner Sofa (download file)
  • Dodge Viper GT (download file)
  • Floor Lamp (download file)
  • Flush-O-Matic 5000: Gold Edition (download file)
  • Food Counter (download file)
  • Freak Chair (download file)
  • Front Desk (download file)
  • Gold (download file)
  • Gold Counter (download file)
  • Gold Stove (download file)
  • Hi Ball (download file)
  • Ice Box (download file)
  • Junk Car (download file)
  • Laptop (download file)
  • Mailbox (download file)
  • Odd Chair (download file)
  • Officer Plate (download file)
  • Pizza (download file) (goes into Misc and sets price for the Pizza to $0.00c - great for keeping the party going)
  • Plates (download file)
  • Rotating Tree (download file)
  • Shutters (download file)
  • Sim City Newspaper (download file) (goes into Misc and sets price for the Newspaper to $0.00c - great for getting a job quickly)
  • Sim City Phoneline (download file)
  • Step Stool (download file)
  • Table Lamp (download file)
  • Tiki (download file)
  • Trash Can (download file)
  • Trash Can Outside (download file)
  • Tray (download file)
  • TV (download file)
  • Urn (download file)
  • Wall Lamp (download file)
  • Women's Bathroom Door (download file)