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  • Welcome To 2016

    1st January 2016 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    Welcome to 2016! You'll be seeing more posts on here soon.

    My Thesis On The True Location Of The Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai

    11th November 2015 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    As I was reading through some old books relating to The Ancient Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai, it mentioned of a disappearance of their "Sun Queen", which had mythical magical powers which claimed to be similar to the powerful rays of the Sun itself.

    The Ancient Lost Kingdom which has been lost to The Japanese Empire & The Chinese Imperial Qing Dynasty for thousands of centuries, have some interesting hypothesises which have no real or near-enough explaination to the possible true locations of it's last location. It's last location is of importance when discovering The Lost Kingdom.

    You may use some of my examples in your thesis, theories, hypothesis, etc. - just be sure to give credit to me, where possible, with a link back to my website. Thanks.

    It has been said in ancient scrolls that The Ancient Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai, also known as The Court Of The Sun Queen, Yamatai, The Ancient Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai & The Lost Kingdom, was said in ancient scrolls to be near South Korea & South Japan. At the time, The Japanese Empire was huge to them, but to what we may see as small, since it wouldn't have occupied the entire island of Japan, where the country is based. The Lost Kingdom may be located in South Korea & South West Japan, currently, which shows the location of an island off the southern most coast of South Korea & South West Japan. Kumamoto is an island which supports one of my theories of the possible location of The Lost Kingdom.

    Another location might be of Goto, which is also an island too, which is South Korea & South West Japan, more western of Kumamoto.

    Other locations might be tiny islands with huge mountains and crop paddies might be of more significance since food production of high quality had a huge value in the earlist of Qing Dynasty centuries.

    Another location might be of Yakushima, a tiny island way in South Korea & South West Japan. This tiny island is big enough to house a population of a small empiral army.

    Another location might be of Yamaguchi, the name of which sounds similar and the location being South Korea & South West Japan. This city is on the island of Japan, so should play a vital role in the development of both The Chinese Imperial Empire & The Japanese Empire.

    Both countries of The Chinese Imperial Empire & The Japanese Empire were fighting each other over who should decide to own the rights to what would later become South Korea.

    For your further studies, you might want to check into books mentioning South Korea, which would be more of a starting point into your discovery.

    Latest version of this thesis is available by CLICKING HERE

    Blank Front Covers

    20th September 2015 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    I'm moving everything from my Blogger blog of Blank Front Covers to my Official Website that you're currently on by tomorrow. You can visit Blank Front Covers at http://warrenwoodhouse.webs.com/blankfrontcovers for more details.

    Welcome To 2015

    1st January 2015 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    Welcome to 2015. I had a wonderful Christmas and I got lots of cool presents. Sorry I forgot to post things on here. Anyways, what I got for Christmas was new clothes, PS3 games and a PS3 console. Yay!


    24th March 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    You can see my photos at:

  • http://facebook.com/warrenwoodhouse/?sk=photos
  • http://flickr.com/warrenwoodhouse
  • http://photobucket.com/warrenwoodhouse
  • http://www.warrenwoodhouse.deviantart.com/
  • http://picasaweb.com/warrenkwoodhouse?noredirect=1
  • http://google.com/+warrenwoodhouse/photos
  • http://twitter.com/warrenwoodhouse/media
  • http://warrenwoodhouse.webs.com/photos
  • http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/warrenwoodhouse/snapmatic
  • More links listed at: http://warrenwoodhouse.webs.com/follow
  • Run - Poem By Warren Woodhouse

    24th March 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    I don't want to be frustrated

    I want to understand the world

    I want to be happy

    I want to be liked

    I don't want to be bored

    I want to do something fun

    I want to be creative

    I want a place I can call my own

    I want a place I can call home

    I want to be heard

    I want a world where I feel safe and warm

    I want to speak out loud

    I want to run

    I want to be free from my mind

    I want to feel the air in my face and hair

    I want a world where Autism conquers all

    Def Leppard's VAULT - Greatest Hits - 1980-1995 Album Review

    25th February 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    I have been a fan of Def Leppard since the age of 14 and it’s been one of the albums that I have been mostly listening too. You might disagree if you’re not into rock; I assure you that listening to this album would make you agree to rock. It’s not always shouting, in this case, Def Leppard introduce another way to get bromance through lyrics which are easy on the ears and makes you want to sing along, even if you’re not up for it. I like the music on this album as it makes me happy and is a great experience if you want to get into rock music. I got interested in this wonderful Sheffield British Hard Rock band and I’m sure that you would too. “Vault” says everything about me and my personality and is the main reason for why I wanted to do this review. I like this band and it’s the reason for why I got into listening to rock music.

    NAAFI JHO Max Store - Place Review

    6th February 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    Marienfelder Straße 999, 33334 Gütersloh, Nordhein-Westfallen, Deutschland.

    This used to be my favourite place when I lived in Germany. It had everything i need to make my shopping experience more enjoyable and for someone who doesn't really enjoy shopping.. that's saying alot, ain't it?

    Tivoli Gardens - Place Review

    6th February 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København, Danmark.

    I had a 2 week holiday and work experience abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it was thanks to the staff at ID Training who suggested that we all go to Tivoli - Denmark's oldest theme park, and very enjoyable with live shows, wonderful food, small shops, large restaurants, lots of rollercoaster rides and lots more. A wonderful experience that I won't ever forget.

    Denmark Work Placement

    12th January 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    Hey guys, good news! I've been mentioned on this blog post at http://idlimited.co.uk/denmark-work-placement in relation to my recent European Work Placement over at ID's European Partner, Hvidovre Production School, in Copenhagen, Denmark..

    The photo on there includes a selection of the ID Staff and ID Students who were selected to go onto the trip.

    Although, the airport securities were tough (with absolutely no love at all), the ID Staff kept us all calm and happy.

    I've been in hospital and recovered quickly. However, for what I have experience while being in Denmark is something I'm truly not going to forget; not ever.

    I'm very proud and glad to be at ID and for what I have experienced so far, my life's journal is just yet to be written.

    You can read my full work diary at: http://warrenwoodhouse.webs.com/denmark

    Back At College

    6th January 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    Well, went back to college today. Very cold in the training room, mind. Well, the main radiators went a bit funny and then they stopped working. I got all my work done that I needed to finish from last years unit, so now I can move onto doing Health & Social Care Unit. Tomorrow, ICT. Ah, my favourite subject. At least I enjoy ICT without having to worry so much. It's still cold out so I just hope I wrap up warm for tomorrow. Need Hot Chocolate soon; very soon indeed.

    Welcome To 2014

    1st January 2014 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse
    Hello and welcome to my official website. I'm Warren Woodhouse and I love GTA V, photos, video games, family, friends, horse-riding, go-karting, web designing and blogging.

    Christmas Day 2013

    25th December 2013 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse
    Today was a good day for me. I had my family around me and my sister Kirsty's boyfriend, Ian, over for our Christmas Dinner. I got lots of cool presents too. A new notebook for a start (hence this post), The Great Escape Definitive Edition (DVD), The Full Monty (2 Discs/DVD), Call Of Duty Ghosts (XBOX 360), Battlefield 4 (XBOX 360), Dark Chocolate Liquor's (one box has Scotch Whiskey and the other box has French Brandy), BBC TopGear Official Annual 2014, Only Fools & Horses Calendar 2014, Woody for Disney Infinity (XBOX 360), big box of Galaxy Minstrels (but I nearly ate all the chocs!), Angry Birds Black Bird Stereo Speakers by Gear4, Now! That's What I Call Music! Disney, Now! That's What I Call Music! 86, Olly Murs Right Place Right Time, Blue Glitter Tube Light, Traffic Light Disco Light Sound Responsive Lights and a selection crate of different alcohol bottled drinks such as pear cider (2x), whiskey, rose wine, brandy, other drinks too. I also have a gift from my sister Kirsty and her boyfriend Ian who bought me a Dressage Show Riding Jacket. I also have a gift from my sister Tabitha's boyfriend, Dean, who bought me a Emirates Boeing 777-300ER full scale model plane. For Christmas Dinner we had Lobster and Crab. Unfortunately, my mum, Lisa, had a bit of a battle with the Lobster with de-clawing it and cleaning it out and getting all the stuff off of it. She said it took up only 2 small bowls full. My sister, Tabitha, said if she wanted to watch the YouTube video. While my mum was working on the Lobster, Tab was really wanting to help. She even named the Lobster "Lobby"! So far it's been a great year for me from being selected to go to do a work placement in Denmark with ID Training to having my birthday and to go on a Christmas Train Ride at East Tanfield Railway, a very good year. I'm happy.

    Films Related To Autism

    18th October 2013 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    Here is a list of films that are related to Autism:

    Season Of Miracles

    Children Of The Stars

    Dad's In Heaven With Nixon

    The Horse Boy

    Normal People Scare Me

    Refrigerator Mothers

    Too Sane For This World

    After Thomas

    Rain Man

    Cries From The Heart


    Son-Rise: A Miracle Of Love

    Temple Grandin

    Wretches & Jabberers

    The Transporters

    Mozart And The Whale

    Miracle Run

    Some of these films you might have seen before on TV or in a cinema. Rain Man stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise and Dustin plays the perfect version of what a Autistic person would have, a characteristic.

    These films are all but good examples, and yet, I struggle to realize what the problem with Autism is.

    I have a very rare and unique case of Autism, as in, mine is on the outer edge of the spectrum. What I'm trying to say is that mine is between me being possibly normal and possibly disabled, it's that rare. No recorded evidence in my family history with no relation to this, so I could be the odd-one-out in my family. I love my family for supporting me.

    It's all to do with the effect in the brain and the way the brain transmits data through the body.

    NEAS World Autism Awareness Day 2011 Award Presented To Warren Woodhouse

    2nd April 2011 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    AT: The Vermont Hotel, Side, Newcastle - upon - Tyne, Tyne & Wear, England, United Kingdom.

    Today, I received the NEAS World Autism Awareness Day 2011 Award. Presented to me after I have completed the 200ft abseil from the top of The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle. This award was presented by North East Autism Society (NE-AS).

    SSAFA Young Achiever 2003 Award Nominated & Presented To Warren Woodhouse

    14th January 2004 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse

    AT: Rheindahlen Halls, Rheindahlen JHQ, Mönchengladbach, Dusseldorf, Deutschland.

    Today, I received the SSAFA Young Achiever 2003 Award. Presented to me by Major General Peter Sheppard, photo sessions for the Sixth-Sense Newspapers (British Forces In Germany Press) included both Peter Sheppard and BFBS Television 1 and BFBS Radio 1 presenter, DJ Simeon "Sim" Courtie.

    Welcome To 2001

    1st January 2001 by Warren Woodhouse Warren Woodhouse
    Hello and welcome to my first website. This is where I'll explain the things that I like including GTA III, photos, video games, family, friends, horse-riding and blogging.
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